Cake stands can be one, two or three tier. With the renewed interest in home baking, what better way to display your cakes? Stem designs vary and can be ordered to match the cake stand design. These vary from 1930’s style embroidery patterns to frosted glass and enamelled stencils in a range of colours.


Bombay Sapphire Cakestand


Cakestand large made from Bombay Sapphire bottles, also in cobalt, and shades of green, browns and turqoises

35cm height x 30cm width


Retro Embroidered Cakestand


Retro 1930’s Embroidered Cakestand, Alternative stems available

26cm height x 22cm width


Small Enamelled Cakestand


Cakestand small enamelled window glass, available in other colours

26cm height x 22cm width



Small Enamelled Doily Pattern Cakestand


Cakestand Small 26cm h x 22cm w enamelled doily pattern on window glass

26cm height x 22cm width



Small Wine and Beer Bottles Cakestand


Cakestand small, made from white wine and beer bottles, available in alternative colours (see Bombay Sapphire cakestand)

26cm height x 22cm width