1930’s Inspired Collection

I have used my Mother’s and my Grandmother’s embroidery transfers from the 1930’s to create painted ‘embroidered’ tableware.  I have used glass paint which has been fused into the recycled window glass plates so that it will not wear off.  The idea is that the embroidery is on the transparent plate, so that you can use a plain tablecloth and it will appear embroidered, without the trouble of having to do any stitching!

The embroidery transfers were given away free with the instruction books in the 1930’s.  My mother travelled on the train every day from Dorking to London bridge station where she worked and did her embroidery on the train.


Retro Embroidered Bowl


Retro 1930’s Embroidered bowl

18cm x 7cm


Retro Embroidered Cakestand


Retro 1930’s embroidered cakestand, alternative stems available

26cm x 22cm


Retro Embroidered Dishes

Large £20.00

Small £12.00

Large 22cm diameter

Small 16cm diameter


Retro Embroidered Plate


Retro 1930’s plate

19cm diameter


Retro Embroidered Bowl


Retro Embroidered bowl

14cm diameter


Retro Scalloped Edge Plates


Retro 1930’s scalloped edge plates

15cm diameter


Small Retro Embroidered Spoons


Retro Embroidered spoons small

13.5 x 3.5cm